Study on risks in nature park Piva, Tara river canyon and national park Sutjeska, as well as joint standard operational procedures for emergency response developed

In order to map potential risks at tourist locations in the cross-border area of ​​the Municipality of Plužine and the Municipality of Foča, a Study on risks in the Nature Park Piva (Montenegro), the Tara River Canyon and the National Park Sutjeska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was prepared.

The study focuses on the potential risks to the safety of people, animals, cultural and material goods and the environment at the main tourist locations in these municipalities, ie. areas of the Nature Park “Piva”, the Tara River Canyon and the National Park “Sutjeska”, which includes determining the real individual risks for each of these three tourist locations.

Within this activity and with aim to improve safety at tourist locations and establish cross-border cooperation in the field of protection and rescue, standard operating procedures for emergency response and instructions for reporting on disaster events, reporting, data exchange, search and accepting assistance are also developed.

The Study and standard operating procedures will be distributed and used by representatives of rescue services from both municipalities.


3. Studija o rizicima – Piva, Tara i Sutjeska